Don't Spend All Day Hauling Grain

Automate the process with grain handling equipment

Want to simplify your grain or feed transportation process? Central Iowa BIN Builders in
Parkersburg, IA sells grain handling equipment that can help. Moving large quantities of grain around your property will be a breeze once you start using high-end equipment.

Visit us today to discuss your needs with a helpful professional.

Learn about the equipment we sell

Learn about the equipment we sell

You can buy two main types of grain handling equipment from us. We sell high-quality:

  1. Augers - which transport grain and feed in and out of bins using a tube with flighting
  2. Bucket elevators - which transport bulk materials using buckets attached to a rotating belt or chain similar to a conveyor belt

The augers we sell are from Sudenga, which is a brand known for making superior farming equipment. Call us now at 319-269-1101 with any questions about our products.