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As your farming operation grows, you'll need to upgrade your equipment to meet your needs. If you want long-lasting, user-friendly equipment, you should make sure you're buying from a reputable source. Central Iowa BIN Builders in Parkersburg, IA is dedicated to supplying only the highest-quality products. You can't go wrong shopping with us.

We're so committed to selling great products because we know how important it is from first-hand experience. Our owner has been a farmer his whole life and started selling equipment 10 years ago. You can trust him to stock the best brands on the market and settle for nothing less. Contact us today to let us know what equipment you're looking for.

What do we sell?

We're the place to go if you want to stock up on premium farming equipment. You'll find a variety of products at our shop, including:

Convenient augers

Well-made fuel barrels

Efficient bucket elevators

Customizable grain bins in various sizes

We'll happily provide recommendations and answer questions you have about our equipment.

Want to discuss getting a custom grain bin. Call us now at 319-269-1101 to speak to a helpful professional.

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